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All Raiders rookies now have their numbers

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Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

The last couple of days, the Raiders have added seven new undrafted free agent rookies to the team, following their rookie minicamp. Seven in total. And as of today, those rookies now have the numbers they will be wearing heading into the team's OTA's.

Here are those players with their new numbers:

OG  Mitch Bell - 74
CB  Travell Dixon - 27
RB  Michael Dyer - 40
CB  SaQwan Edwards -- 30
DE  Gary Wilkins -- 54
WR  Austin Willis -- 13
WR  Austin Hill - 17

Hill takes number 17 which was worn by Milton Williams who was waived when Hill was signed. Gary Wilkins (54) and Travell Dixon (27) take the number formerly worn by UDFA signings Braylon Mitchell and Gus Johnson.

All current Raiders players now have a number assigned to them.

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