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Raiders UDFA profile: CB Travell Dixon

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Raiders UDFA Profile for Travell Dixon shows the multiple college path that he had to take to get to the NFL. He didn't have much production in college, but he does have the size to play in the NFL at 6'1 and 195lbs.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Travell Dixon took a winding road to the NFL. He went the JUCO route by way of East Arizona Community College, then transferred to Alabama, before finishing his college career at Washington. Despite his 4.4 40-yard-dash speed, the community college standout's Division 1 career was largely uneventful.

Coming out of EACC, Dixon had his choice of elite schools. Not surprisingly he chose the Nick Saban led powerhouse Alabama Crimson Tide. Saban was eager to have Dixon, with plans on him being a versatile player for them and a possible starter too. Unfortunately, Dixon didn't take to the multiple positions very well and left Alabama citing personal reasons.

After leaving Alabama Dixon looked at his options and spotted three coaches on the UW coaching staff who had attempted to recruit him from East Arizona Community College. Not one to tempt fate, Dixon transferred to Washington. Again he had a chance to compete for a starting job but again he wasn't able to lock it down.

Part of the reason Dixon was unable to meet his potential at Washington was that he battled injuries -- he only played in 4 games in his 1st year with the Huskies. He was able to stay pretty healthy for his final year at Washington appearing in 11 games for the Huskies. He finished his college career with just 10 tackles, 1 forced fumble and 1 pass defensed.

Even without the production, Dixon is being given his chance because he is a natural athlete with good size at 6-1, 195 pound frame.

It will be interesting to see if Dixon will be able to put his size and athleticism to better use in the NFL over what he did in college. The Raiders are betting on him doing so anyway. If he can be the player in the highlight video below from East Arizona Community College then it will be worth it.