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Raiders UDFA Profile: Nevada QB Cody Fajardo

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Cody Fajardo took over for Colin Kaepernick as the signal-caller for the Nevada Wolfpack. Will he be able to have a similar impact in the NFL?

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

After the 2015 Draft, the Raiders brought a number of camp arms in as UDFA, and the most notable of these is former Nevada QB Cody Fajardo. Fajardo is known as a running quarterback, although he did throw for over 9,000 yards in his career. In fact, he and his predecessor at Nevada, Colin Kaepernick, are the only two FBS players ever to throw for over 9,000 yards and rush for over 3,000 in their college careers.

Fajardo does measure up to Kaepernick as a rusher but that's where the comparisons end. Kaepernick is tall and lean, whereas Fajardo is 6'1" and 233 pounds. Kaepernick also had some good weapons at Nevada, but Fajardo was a one-man show and pretty much had to do everything by himself offensively for the team.

After the departure of coach Chris Ault from Nevada, Fajardo's development as a passer was stunted. He lacks the proper footwork you like to see in a pocket passer and he can lead his receivers too far out of bounds or too close to a big hit by a safety or linebacker. He does use his eyes well to confuse defenses, but he can also miss wide-open receivers. Shorter quarterbacks have to be very accurate to succeed and Fajardo only had a 59% completion percentage as a senior, which was a serious regression after holding to about 68% during his first three years.

That being said, Fajardo's Nevada team was absolutely awful and he did the best he could. He was constantly under pressure and his defense did him no favors. Fajardo is a smart kid and is extremely coachable. I doubt he will be able to make this Raiders team, but he reminds me a bit of Tyrod Taylor and maybe he can show enough to latch on somewhere as a backup.