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Raiders rookie LB Ben Heeney set adorable goals at age 12, then accomplished them

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Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

We all remember having big goals when we were young. Most of those goals seem pretty pie-in-the-sky and if you get a chance to look back on them, it can be quite adorable. Though usually in a 'I was so naive' type of way. Not Ben Heeney. He made some goals when he was 12-year-old that he then went out and accomplished.

Earlier today, Heeney -- who became a fifth round pick by the Raiders two weeks ago -- shared those goals, in original adorable 12-year-old handwritten form.

Those dreams included:

High School goal: In High School I want to make varsity on the football team. I want college coaches to come to the games and scout me for the team. I will play hard


Training College: I would like to go to the University of Kansas or a better team in football. My parents went to KU. I want a football scholarship.

(check, check)

Career: I want to play in the NFL. It would be so fun and I would make a lot of money. I would train hard. After the NFL, I would like to be the head coach for a college football team.

(check, TBD)

That's some amazing foresight and determination. And after accomplishing everything up to this point, should we just start calling him coach Heeney now, or...?