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Raiders could have nearly oldest offensive line in NFL next season

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Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Another year means another overhaul of the Raiders' offensive line. This has been an annual occurrence for the team, and yet somehow they could end up fielding nearly the oldest starting offensive line in the league next season.

According to figures put together by Jimmy Kempski of, the Eagles will have the oldest offensive line in football with an average age of 29.6. But just behind them are the Raiders with an average age of 28.2.

His projection would have the starting lineup consisting of left tackle Donald Penn (32), left guard Gabe Jackson (24), center Rodney Hudson (26), right guard Khalif Barnes (33), and right tackle Austin Howard (28).

Obviously this number could come down some should rookie fourth round pick Jon Feliciano win the starting right guard spot ahead of Barnes. Felciano is 23 years old which would bring the Raider starting offensive line average age down to 26.6 which would put them right about average at 14th in the NFL.

In case you were wondering, the Raiders had the 5th oldest line in football last season with an average age of 28.