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Mark Davis: No interest in St Louis or Santa Clara, deadline looming for Oakland

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While the Raiders are holding their first OTA practices preparing for the 2015 season, Mark Davis was across the bay in San Francisco discussing the Raiders' future... wherever that may be.

He stopped to talk with the media several times, in what was described by those in attendance as "tense" and "angry".

Among the potential locations that have been floated by the media in recent months, outside of staying in Oakland, have included Los Angeles, St Louis (with the possibility of the Rams heading for LA), and sharing a stadium with the 49ers in Santa Clara (if even temporarily). Davis made it clear the latter two destinations are not an option.

Interesting Davis should mention flying to Los Angeles, because if Oakland can't find a way to keep the Raiders, that's exactly what they will be doing.

Wednesday, Carmen Policy will make the case to the NFL for the Raiders and Chargers plans to share a stadium in Carson California -- a property the Raiders and Chargers have officially closed on purchasing as of today.

Davis added that Policy was brought to handle the Carson efforts while he focuses on Oakland.

Whether Oakland remains a viable option could be resolved one way or the other in a month's time.

Davis reiterated that Oakland is his first priority, but that there is still a funding gap of some $400 million between what he and the NFL can mutually provide and the cost of the new Oakland stadium. Without some major investors stepping up at the last minute, that gap may be insurmountable as the city and county are reluctant to downright unwilling to provide that money.

Mainly what Davis' words today did was remove a couple of options that had bandied about. It also added to the recent feeling that the hopes of the Raiders getting a deal done to stay in Oakland are getting extremely thin.