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2015 NFL Draft Results: Raiders Trade 102nd Overall to the Carolina Panthers

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Oakland Raiders have opted to trade the 102nd overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft to the Carolina Panthers. In return the Raiders receive the Panthers 4th round pick (124th), 5th round pick (161st), and 7th round pick (242nd) as reported by our own Levi Damien.

The Panthers used the 102nd overall pick to select Oklahoma offensive tackle Daryl Williams.

Oakland may be eyeing a prospect they expect to fall to the mid-fourth round and in return will also pick up an extra fifth and seventh round pick.

The last time the Raiders traded down was last season when they traded down in the third round and eventually picked Gabe Jackson. With the extra fourth round pick they selected Keith McGill, that trade worked out well for Oakland.

Throughout the first two days, the Raiders have had an impressive draft filling three top needs with three talented players that are projected starters.

The Raiders now have six remaining picks:

Fourth Round (124th overall)

Fifth Round (140th overall)

Fifth Round (161st overall)

Sixth Round 179th overall)

Seventh Round (221st overall)

Seventh Round (242nd overall)