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2015 NFL Draft Results: Raiders select DE/LB Max Valles at 179th overall

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Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

With the 179th overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, the Oakland Raiders have selected Virginia linebacker Max Vales.

Vales has great athleticism and was widely believed to be a fourth round talent. But he dropped because he is very raw and needs to be coached up. Vales has been compared to 49ers defensive end Aaron Lynch as he has so much potential and talent, but will need good coaching to reach that ceiling. At 6'5" and 251-pounds, Valles has an impressive frame with room to fill out.

"He's an athlete and not a football player right now. If it starts to click for him and he starts to put the tape work together with the talent -- look out, buddy. If it doesn't click, you've got a backup defensive end." -- AFC defensive line coach

If the Raiders can coach him up, they could be getting a steal in the sixth round. Valles is the third linebacker drafted in a row by the Raiders after selecting Ben Heeney and Neiron Ball in the fifth round. But the Raiders plan on using him as a defensive end according to Asher Matthews.

The Raiders through six rounds have selected Amari Cooper, Mario Edwards Jr, Clive Walford, Jon Feliciano, Ben Heeney, Neiron Ball, and Max Vales. They have three selections remaining in the seventh round.