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2015 NFL Draft Results: Raiders select at Florida WR Andre Debose at 221 overall

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Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

With the 221st overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, the Raiders have selected Florida WR Andre Debose.

Andre Debose is a 6ft, 190lb wide receiver who has very little shown on his resume but was thought well enough to be scouted by Florida University. Florida is a notorious hotbed of athletes and Debose is no different. He was an elite punt returner in college but he didn't play much at receiver throughout his time in Florida.

This is a high reward pick for the Raiders because of his lack of experience at receiver so far leaving him with a ton of upside potential that he could meet considering his special athleticism. He was clearly drafted specifically for his special teams prowess but he was suppose to be more than just a special teams guy when he first got to Florida. Mike Mayock referred to him as "suppose to be the next Percy Harvin" when he was first set to go to Florida.

He never was able to become that at Florida but he still has incredible upside, the question is if he will ever be able to live up to that potential. This is exactly the type of pick that is worthy of the 7th round because they are so often hit or miss anyway that it is the perfect time to risk on a guy who could be special but never achieved what he was thought capable of.

The Raiders other draft picks so far are Amari Cooper, Mario Edwards Jr, Clive Walford, Jon Feliciano, Ben Heeney, Neiron Ball, Max Vales and Anthony Morris. They still have one last 7th round selection, the 242nd pick, before their 2015 draft is over.