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Raiders proposed new stadium could be next up for Super Bowl bid

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One of the issues up for a vote at the owners meetings today is the 2019 Super Bowl bid. Also part of the discussion is Los Angeles as a potential location to host the big game in 2020 as first reported by the LA Times and confirmed by commissioner Roger Goodell.

This is, of course, without any absolute certainty about who will be playing there or when. Though with it even being discussed, it suggest the NFL is rather certain one or more of the three teams vying for an LA stadium will be moving in by this time next offseason. Those three teams are the Rams who are looking at an Inglewood stadium location, and the Raiders and Chargers who have plans to share a stadium in Carson should they be unable to get new stadiums in Oakland and San Diego respectively.

But while LA is being discussed as a potential bid for next year -- the Inglewood project being the most likely to receive initial consideration -- if Oakland were to pull things together, it's certainly possible they too could be thrust into the discussion.

Once a new stadium is approved, especially in a warm weather city, the league typically puts a Super Bowl in that venue within a year or two.

The 49ers played in their shiny new digs at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara for the first time last season and they will be hosting Super Bowl 50 after this coming season.

Super Bowls are great for commerce and therefore the potential for hosting one is always among the arguments in support of funding new stadium construction. Oakland has never hosted a Super Bowl. The last time a Super Bowl was in the Los Angeles area was 1993 at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena.

Cities up for a 2019 Super Bowl bid are Atlanta, New Orleans, Tampa, and Miami. Atlanta hasn't hosted a Super Bowl since 2000, so it would seem they are due. All the other cities up for the bid have hosted Super Bowls in the past six years.