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Roger Goodell not pleased with Oakland, wants to see stadium proposal "soon"

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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell took to the podium at the owners meetings on Wednesday. Among the questions presented were those surrounding the stadium situation in Oakland with regard to the Raiders. A situation which visibly annoyed Goodell when he spoke of it.

"Oakland I have not heard directly from, so I do not know and do not have an update on that," said Goodell. "It's something that we have not seen anything to my knowledge of a specific proposal.

"I don't know if it's a point of frustration, but certainly a point of information."

Of late, the news coming from the Oakland stadium plans have not been good. It seems new concerns about the viability of a new stadium in the area are raised almost daily.

Tuesday, Mark Davis spoke to the media and reiterated that keeping the team in Oakland was his number one priority. He went as far as to say he had brought in Carmen Policy to handle the Carson stadium plans so he may put his efforts on getting something done in Oakland.

Goodell touched on Mark Davis' end of things as well, saying of the possibility of a shared stadium with the 49ers "Ultimately, it's going to be a decision Mark is going to have to make." That is a decision Davis made very clear on Tuesday is not an option, leaving Oakland and LA as the only options for the Raiders stadium hopes.

"Mark wants a long term stadium solution," Goodell continued. "I think that's what he's always been focused on. He would like to have it be here in the Bay Area, in Oakland, and that's what he's been working towards. So, I think his priorities are pretty clear."

Davis on Tuesday gave a specific deadline to hear from the city and county on their plans to try and keep the team. That date in June 21.

While Goodell has no such deadline, he made it clear this has gone on far too long to be scrambling to put something together now.

"We don't have a deadline, but this is not a new issue that we're all dealing with here. This is something that the Raiders have been working on a stadium for years. This is something that's been very publicly debated, so we do need to have a proposal from the people here about how they're going to be able to keep the Raiders in Oakland and do it on a basis that's not only going to be good for the community, but be good for the team long term. That proposal's necessary to have."

Of course, all this is happening concurrently with the Raiders and Chargers closing on their land in Carson and Carmen Policy making his case to the NFL for the two teams to share the planned stadium there.

The people of Oakland and the Raiders fans deserve to be given a fair shot at keeping the team. And at this point, it appears that isn't happening.