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Derek Carr's agent squashes injury rumor, finger injury "very minor"

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"See, it's good! The finger is fine!"
"See, it's good! The finger is fine!"
USA Today

There were conflicting reports about the severity of Derek Carr's hand injury, but it appears Carr's agent Tim Younger has gone out of his way to clear them up. Not wanting to let the passionate Raider Nation fan base spin fantasies of terrible proportions, Younger says the whole thing is a "non-story" and that Carr is just being held out as a precaution.

"It’s a very minor situation," Tim Younger told the San Francisco Chronicle. "I think he’s probably going to be throwing before the end of" offseason team activities."

It was ESPN's Chris Mortensen who reported that he heard that Derek Carr might have to go under the knife for his finger injury, but Younger is shooting down that theory immediately. Not only does it appear that the injury is completely minor, but it also seems to his agent that Carr wont even miss the rest of the OTA's because of it. He also says that he doesn't even know where the surgery rumor came from.

"I don’t know where this idea came up that he’s going to be having surgery," Younger said. "The situation, I don’t even want to call it an injury, is very minor, and we’re just being cautious."

It is great news for the Raiders because Carr is still a young QB who needs all the reps he can get, and he also needs to get used to his new toys with receivers Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree. It was an injury that not even Chris Mortensen claimed to be a risk to the start of the regular season but no team wants their starting QB to miss any time with injuries.

If Carr's agent Tim Younger is to be believed, then the Raiders dodged a bullet this time around. They need their signal caller on the field getting used to his new unit and Raider Nation needs as little to fret about as possible. The Dennis Allen era's notoriety for being less than forthcoming about injuries has created an environment that even small injuries can be worrisome. However, luckily it appears this one with Derek Carr wont end up being an issue.