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Know the Enemy Daily Links 5/27: FIFA arrests warning of corruption to NFL, other professional leagues

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AFC West

Denver Broncos

What to watch for at Broncos OTAs - Mile High Report
In a word.... Peyton!

Denver Broncos OTAs: 53-man roster prediction - Mile High Report
It's that time again....let's make some sense of this roster

San Diego Chargers

What the San Diego Chargers get in new Offensive Lineman Joe Barksdale - Bolts From The Blue
To get an idea of what the Chargers and fans can expect from Joe Barksdale, Kyle Posey reached out to a couple of very smart people: Joseph McAtee of Turfshow Times and offensive line guru Duke Manyweather from OL sports performance.

What did we learn from the first day of OTAs? - Bolts From The Blue
At voluntary OTAs at Chargers Park, we got our first look at the 2015 San Diego Chargers on the field....but what did we learn?

Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs offensive line competition after day one of OTAs - Arrowhead Pride
Here's how the Chiefs offensive line lined up after the first day of OTAs.

Here's what Chiefs' Jeremy Maclin and Alex Smith want to accomplish at OTAs - Arrowhead Pride
Chemistry with Alex Smith.


FIFA indictments are a warning to other sports leagues, including NFL | ProFootballTalk
After years of being widely regarded as a thoroughly corrupt organization, the international body that runs the sport of soccer has been targeted aggressively by the U.S. government.

The NFL's 2015 contract year superstars -

Which players entering the final year of their contracts have the most leverage? Which have the most on the line?