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Raiders again among NFL's top selling jerseys

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Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Folks in NFL circles like to say the league is better when the Raiders are good. That may be true, but for merchandise sales, it doesn't seem to matter one way or the other. As Dallas Morning News' Rick Gosselin noted, the Raiders are yet again among the top jersey sales in the NFL. Third most to be exact.

These rankings are just about on par with the recent ESPN jersey power rankings which put the Raiders uniforms second behind only the Steelers. The Packers were third in those rankings so the top three was the same, only in a slightly different order.

These sales and rankings prove a couple things. First, that traditional uniforms will always remain the most desirable. Second, what we already knew which is that Raider Nation is as populous as ever, even without a winning season in 13 years and without a lot of super star players on the team.

All other teams in the top five have been winning franchises of late.