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AFC West LT trouble: Ryan Clady lost for season, Eric Fisher demoted

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Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Things are not looking too good for a couple of AFC West teams at the left tackle spot. First and foremost, the Broncos just lost All Pro left tackle Ryan Clady for the year with a torn ACL. Meanwhile, the Chiefs' former number one overall pick Eric Fisher appears to have fallen to second on the depth chart behind Donald Stephenson.

Clady has held down the left tackle spot for the Broncos the past seven seasons. In that time, he has gone to four Pro Bowls -- including last season -- and been named All Pro twice. And this news is sure to give Peyton Manning a bit of a crick in his neck.

In an effort to find a replacement for Clady, the Broncos have signed Ryan Harris who, as it so happens, played right tackle for the Chiefs last season. Harris spent the first four seasons of his career at right tackle in Denver.

Eric Fisher was chosen number one overall out of Central Michigan two seasons ago by the Chiefs as their future left tackle. After playing at right tackle for the 2013 season, he moved to left tackle last year and struggled in pass protection. Now in OTA practices, he is taking a backseat to Stephenson who moves over from right tackle to left. It could have the 'bust' label being brought up in just his third season in the league.

Then there's King Dunlap, who the Chargers brought in two years ago due to their many troubles at left tackle. He has played well, giving up just 3 sacks last season. Though he gave up 35 hurries, which was 4th most in the NFL among left tackles.

And just like that it would appear the Raiders are in the best shape in their division at the left tackle spot with Donald Penn in place for a second season. The 32-year-old was dumped by the Buccaneers last offseason and had a resurgent 2014 season in Oakland, finishing as the 7th best rated tackle by Pro Football Focus.

Where the Raiders are rubbing their hands together is not comparing their left tackle to their division rivals, but thinking up how the likes of Khalil Mack and Justin Tuck chasing down Peyton Manning, Philip Rivers, and Alex Smith each twice a season.