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Raiders travel third most miles in NFL this season

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As they are most every season, the Raiders are among those teams which travel the most miles. Specifically they are third in miles traveled this season according to figures collected by CBS Sports.

The team which will spend the most time on a plane are the 49ers who travel a total of 27,998 miles. The Raiders at 26,336 miles traveled would be right behind them except for the fact that the Dolphins (26,452 miles traveled) make the trip to London this year. Even with the trip to London, that's a different of just 116 miles total.

If you're thinking this happens every year, you'd be right. But it isn't the NFL intentionally giving the Raiders a brutal travel schedule, it's just geography. Other than the Dolphins, the top five teams are all the West Coast teams - Seattle (25,086) and San Diego (24,274) are the others. Just after them is the next best thing to a West Coast team; the Cardinals which travel 23,652 miles.

Here are those top six teams with trips over 2000 miles in perenthesis:

1. 49ers: 27,998 (4)
2. Dolphins: 26,452 (2 -- including London) (17,568 miles for 8 road games)
3. Raiders: 26,336 (3)
4. Seahawks: 25,086 (1)
5. Chargers: 24,274 (2)
6. Cardinals: 23,652 (1)

For some perspective on this, the Eagles travel the least miles at 6,818 and the bottom 12 traveling teams each travel less than HALF the number miles the Raiders travel.

Here are the bottom 12 traveling teams:

21. Steelers: 13,226 (2)
22. Browns: 12,564 (2)
23. Giants: 12,448 (0)
24. Saints: 11,942 (0)
25. Bears: 11,830 (0)
26. Panthers: 11,660 (1)
27. Buccaneers: 11,288 (0)
28. Falcons: 10,334 (1)
29. Titans: 9,312 (0)
30. Colts: 8,914 (0)
31. Redskins: 7,150 (0)
32. Eagles: 6,818 (0)

To see the entire list, click here.

Playing in the West requires so much travel, that of the six teams headed to London this year, five of them travel less miles than the Raiders as well as the other West Coast teams.

Those long trips have not been kind to the Raiders who have lost 16 straight when playing in the Eastern Time Zone. The last time they won in the East was at Pittsburgh in 2009 when then starting quarterback Bruce Gradkowski played hero in front of his hometown fans.

Last season the Raiders didn't win a single road game, whether in Eastern Time zone or not.