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Raiders position battle: Jon Feliciano vs Khalif Barnes

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As the Raiders head into their third OTA session this week, there is a battle being waged at the right guard position.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Jon Feliciano vs Khalif Barnes

Probably the most up-for-grabs position on this team is right guard. It will be between returning utility offensive lineman Khalif Barnes and rookie fourth round pick Jon Feliciano.

Barnes has been lining up as the first team right guard thus far in offseason workouts and OTAs. This is mainly due to his experience along the offensive line, having played every position but center during his six years in Oakland. The 33-year-old signed his seventh consecutive one-year deal with the Raiders this offseason. They like him best as a swing tackle, but in recent seasons have needed him to move inside to guard.

Feliciano has been working with the second team at right guard. They aren't going to hand him the starting job. He will have to beat out Barnes for that right. The hope is that he can do that so they can have Barnes available to fill in where needed due to his versatility.

If Barnes manages to hold off Feliciano, it isn't all bad news. Feliciano has some versatility of his own. He too played every position along the offensive line in college -- though mostly left guard. The Raiders even had him playing center in rookie minicamps.

What the team is left with is a healthy competition which ensures the best man wins the right guard position and the other is a valuable piece to be moved around and fill in where needed.