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S&BP community Raiders draft prediction contest winners

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Congratulations to our two winners, oaktown925 and Danbaker3333!

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

With 88 total submissions, we had two official winners — both of whom predicted (just) 2 correct picks (Amari Cooper and Clive Walford).

In fact, Cooper and Walford were the only two players any of the submissions predicted in the correct round. One other submission correctly predicted the selection of Ben Heeney, however it was in the wrong round.

Its a bit surprising out of 88 submissions that no one got more than two out of the 10 players correct. That's either a credit to Reggie McKenzie's unique draft board, our overall lack of draft knowledge, or because predicting the results of a 7-round, 256-player draft is borderline impossible.

I think I'm going with option No. 3 (but I'm not completely ruling out option No. 1).

So, congrats to our winners — oaktown925 and Danbaker3333 who will both receive free S&BP T-shirts for their correct predictions.

For the record, here are their full submissions:


1. Amari Cooper (WR)
2. Landon Collins (S)
3. Clive Walford (TE)
4. Henry Anderson (DE)
5. Arie Kouandjio (G)
6. Charles Gaines (RB)
7. Mike Hull (LB)


1. Amari Cooper
2. Preston Smith
3. Clive Walford
4. Ifo Ekpre Olomu
5. Arie Kouandjio
6. Mike Davis
7. Ty Montgomery