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Know the Enemy Daily Links 5/6: Terrelle Pryor cut by Kansas City Chiefs

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Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

AFC West

Denver Broncos

Broncos nose tackle Darius Kilgo looks to provide sixth sense as sixth-round pick - The Denver Post
Broncos nose tackle Darius Kilgo looks to provide sixth sense as sixth-round pick

Broncos offensive line shifts to new era - 9NEWS NBC
As Peyton Manning has added years, his offensive line has become increasingly uncertain.

San Diego Chargers

Call the Carson Bluff: San Diego Shouldn't Give in to the Chargers - Bolts From The Blue
Based on recent statements by Mark Fabiani, the Mission Valley site is unworkable, and there's absolutely nothing San Diego can do in 2015 to keep the Chargers in San Diego. Therefore, the city should aim for 2016.

Philip Rivers says he didn't ask San Diego Chargers for trade, but facts suggest otherwise
Philip Rivers says he never wanted the San Diego Chargers to trade him, but his actions tell a different story, writes Jim Trotter.

Kansas City Chiefs

Terrelle Pryor has been cut by Kansas City Chiefs - Arrowhead Pride
The QB lasted just a few months in KC.

Productive offseason puts Chiefs in good position | The Kansas City Star The Kansas City Star
The Chiefs are in a really good place right now. With natural progression and a productive offseason that is now mostly complete, they are in position to get back in the playoffs with 10 or 11 wins. With a little luck, maybe more.


Mike Wallace of Minnesota Vikings boasts he is fastest player in NFL
Mike Wallace has proclaimed himself the NFL's fastest player and he'd be willing to race any challengers to prove it.

NFL has decent excuse for suspicious LA Rams website | New York Post

Rest easy, St. Louis fans. That secret relocated Rams website was only a computer glitch. Or was it? A "Los Angeles Rams" page on the NFL's official website made the rounds Monday...