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Raiders Rookie minicamp begins today, Cooper has new number again

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As rookie minicamp gets underway, you will all have to order another Amari Cooper jersey.

Woe unto any of you who bought an Amari Cooper #19 jersey. The Raiders have announced the rookie jersey numbers for the beginning of rookie minicamp today, and Cooper has a new number- 89. It looks better to me; 89 is an actual receiver number whereas 19 is what Joe Montana wore for the Chefs. Raiders receivers who have worn #89 include Rich Martini and Ronald Curry in addition to James Jones. Cooper has a good shot to make the Raiders' 89 legendary.

The reason for the change is likely that Jones, who wore #89 last season for the Raiders, was cut leaving 89 available but not until a few days after Cooper was drafted. I guess those huge ad banners we've seen hocking #19 Cooper jerseys will have to get a makeover.

Rookie minicamp will be very exciting this year, giving us and the Raider coaches their first look at Oakland's promising draft class in the Silver and Black. I fully expect Cooper, Clive Walford and Andre DeBose to tear it up as the crop of undrafted free agents try to prove their worth to the team.