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Jack Del Rio addresses guarding against rookie camp injuries in light of Dante Fowler injury

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

A rookie who comes into his first practice in rookie camp can be a dangerous thing. They come in relitively cold and are flying around trying to make a good first impression. Some are trying to make the team altogether. In these situations, injuries are always a concern.

That's what happened with Jaguars rookie outside linebacker Dante Fowler Jr who went down in his first minicamp practice and was carted off the field. You can see video of that injury HERE. He was taken at third overall in last week's draft, just ahead of the Raiders selection.

Following Raiders practice, which appeared to be injury free, I asked Jack Del Rio about how he guards against injuries such as Fowler suffered among his new rookies in this camp.

"You do the best you can," said Del Rio. "Hopefully [Dante Fowler] will be ok down there [in Jacksonville]. You try to educate the guys, help them understand what it should look like and what it can't look like. There'll be examples for me to show in tomorrow's meeting before we come back out again. It's like ‘hey, guys, we cannot do this. You have to work with each other, you have to work smart' and so we'll try and educate them. We do our best to talk about it before we come out here, but quite often in a rookie camp you have to really educate guys on what it can't be and what you are looking for. And so we'll work hard at that."

Del Rio can show his rookies tape from today's practice as well as perhaps the video of Fowler's injury as an example of the real consequences.

UPDATE: Fowler has a torn ACL and is lost for the season according to Adam Schefter.

Fowler's injury was basically a non-contact injury and it looks like it could be quite serious. Much like last year's number one overall pick JaDeveon Clowney tore his meniscus and missed his entire rookie season.

That first practice is a big hurdle in a series of hurdles. Two more practices remain in rookie mini camp.