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NBA Finals Game 4: Warriors vs Cavaliers open thread

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The Warriors and Cavaliers face off at 6pm tonight in Cleveland. Chat here about it.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The Warriors team we've seen all year has not shown up in the Finals. They pulled out game one in overtime but have dropped the past two to fall in a 1-2 hole to the Cavaliers. If they don't win tonight, they will head back to Oakland facing elimination.

The entire Warriors team looks out of sync. Stephen Curry has not been hitting the shots he used to hit with his eyes closed, Draymond Green seems to have lost his mind (and his game with it), Andrew Bogut's inability to score is being exposed, and Harrison Barnes has been a revolving door trying to guard Lebron James. Not to mention they are being completely outworked by the Cavs.

The Cavs just look like they want it more. Lebron James set a new Finals record for points scored in the first three games and even had a triple double in the middle of it. The loss of Kyrie Irving was supposed to hurt the Cavs, but his replacement Matthew Dellavedova has been a better defender and a scrappy thorn in the Warriors' collective sides.

The Warriors have to snap out of it and leave it all on the court as the Cavs have been doing if they are to take back home court advantage tonight in Cleveland.