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Raiders Countdown to Kickoff: 92: Who wore it best, who's wearing it now

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Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The Raiders 2015 season is now a week closer than when we started this series at number 99. We are now at number 92 in our countdown. It's yet another defensive lineman, as mot numbers in the nineties tend to be. The best to wear it is a former 3-4 disruptor who revived his career with a move inside for the Raiders.

Who wore it best: DT  Richard Seymour (2009-12)

It didn't take long for Seymour to become the best Raiders player to don the number 92. The All Pro came to Oakland via trade with the New England Patriots. He started all 16 games his first season with the team at defensive end. The following season, he moved inside and returned to the Pro Bowl for the first time in five years. He would be named to the Pro Bowl again the following season.

Not only was Seymour a disruptive force in the middle for the Raiders, he brought up the play of linemate Tommy Kelly who had a couple of his best seasons playing next to Seymour.

In total Seymour spent four seasons with the Raiders. The final season was cut short by injury and it automatically voided the remainder of his rather enormous contract. That was the final season of his 12-year NFL career which saw him named to 7 Pro Bowls and 3 All Pro teams.

Who's wearing it now: DT  Stacy McGee

One of the Raiders' sixth round picks in 2013, he was considered somewhat of a risky pick due to character concerns. And though he has been a model citizen and teammate with the Raiders, he hasn't displayed the level of potential Reggie McKenzie claimed he did when using him as a shining example of why they were right in taking a chance on him.

As before, McGee will have a chance to compete for one of the backup defensive tackle spots. The overall group got a little more crowded with the signing of Dan Williams.