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NBA Finals Game 5: Cavaliers vs Warriors live thread

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Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

The Warriors return to Oakland tonight for game five of the NBA Finals at 5pm Pacific Time. They return having tied the series with the Cavs in Game four in Cleveland.

After a somewhat disappointing first three games of the series for the Warriors, they finally started looking like the team we had been used to seeing through the regular season. Part of the spark they received was from a lineup change which had Andrew Bogut coming off the bench and Andre Iguodala entering the starting lineup.

Steve Kerr's lineup change worked like a charm and the Warriors took game four running away. Cleveland hero Matthew Dellavedova was a non-factor and Warriors' David Lee helped provide offense and hustle that was missing in the last couple weeks. And in the process they took back home court advantage and are now looking to put the Cavs on the ropes tonight.

Alternately, if they were to lose tonight they would head back to Cleveland facing elimination. But if Thursday was indeed their wakeup call, and they are back in a groove, Lebron James and his ragtag group of role players will have a rough time slowing them down.