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Raiders Countdown to Kickoff: 90: Who wore it best, who's wearing it now

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Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

The final number in the 90s sees probably the largest total weight between the best to wear the number and the player wearing it now. I guess it's just something about that number. These guys were in great shape because round is a shape. A zero is round

Who wore it best: DT  Grady Jackson (1997-2001)

At 6-2, 345 pounds, that zero in his number was all the rounder. Jackson was a late round (6th) gem out of Knoxville College and surpassed all expectations to put together a long NFL career. Big Grady clogged the middle of the defensive line for five seasons. He wasn't just immovable, he was mobile enough to put up 19.0 sacks over his final four seasons in Oakland.

He played a total of 15 seasons, going to play for the Saints, Packers, Falcons, Jaguars, and Lions. He retired in 2009 and started 28 games in his final two seasons.

Who's wearing it now: DT  Dan Williams

Williams is not a small man, either, the 6-2 defensive tackle tipping the scales at 330 pounds. He joined the Raiders this offseason as a free agent coming over from the Cardinals. The Raiders want him to be their fulltime starter after the former first round pick had been more of a rotational player in Arizona the past five seasons. It's possible he could line up alongside Justin Ellis despite both being better fits as nose tackles. At very least, he can resume his role as a rotational nose tackle, though he and the Raiders are hoping for more.