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NBA Finals game 6: Warriors look to close it out vs Cavaliers

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Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

After a second impressive win in a row by the Warriors at Oracle on Sunday, the Dubs are in Cleveland tonight looking eyes on closing out the series, while the Cavs are hoping to push it back to Oakland for game 7. The game tips off at 6:00 pm Pacific Time and is televised on ABC.

Should the Warriors continue to play a they're capable, they should be able to finish off the Cavs who have relied heavily on Lebron James throughout the series. Lebron had scored 40 points on Sunday and had his second triple double of the series. He has little help around him on a team and carried this team on his back to get the two series wins they do have.

Should the Warriors complete their championship run tonight, they will celebrate their first NBA title in 40 years on at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland while back in Oakland, a sold out Oracle viewing party will be cheering on the squad in the hopes the city of Oakland can have their first championship of any kind in 26 years when the A's won the World Series back in 1989.

Should the Warriors falter, they would get another shot in the winner takes all game seven in Oakland.

Every game of this series has been must-see basketball and tonight could be that last of it, so get it before it's gone.