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Pro Football Focus grade chart of Raiders roster not too pretty

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Pro Football Focus

Recently Pro Football Focus did their annual grading chart where they go color code every player on each team's projected depth chart from elite in blue to poor in red. Rookies and unproven players receive no rating. The colors on the Raiders chart don't exactly paint a pretty rainbow, if you know what I mean.

Here is what that chart looks like:

PFF grade chart

PFF grade chart

There is one color completely missing from that rainbow - blue. As PFF grades them, the Raiders have no elite players. In fact, they have just one "high quality" player - Khalil Mack. Even though, per their grading system, they have Mack at an elite level, I would guess that since he has done it for just one season, they are not ready to call him elite just yet.

On the flip side, they have one player listed as "poor" - middle linebacker Curtis Lofton, presumably because of his league leading 22 missed tackled from the middle linebacker position last season. Here is what they had to say about Lofton:

"At middle linebacker they had to find an upgrade for Miles Burris, but we question how much of an upgrade Curtis Lofton actually is for them, with his own struggles in recent years."

Players they list as "good" all come on the offensive and defensive line: LT  Donald Penn, LG  Gabe Jackson, C Rodney Hudson, DE  Justin Tuck, and DT  Dan Williams.

After that it's a whole lot of average, below average, and unproven players making up the starting lineup and depth.