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After fourth release in a year, former Raiders QB Terrelle Pryor to finally try another position

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The Bengals released former Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor Thursday. Now he's saying he will attempt to switch positions.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY

While Terrelle Pryor worked out for NFL teams prior to the supplemental draft the former Ohio State quarterback said would play any position they wanted. After the Raiders drafted him in the third round, he soon said he would only play quarterback. Now four years later, he has finally figured out what four teams figured out in the past year -- that he will never be an NFL quarterback. This prompted him to decide try his hand(s) at wide receiver. This according to Ian Rapoport via agent Drew Rosenhaus.

While Pryor's quarterbacking skills have been in serious doubt from the moment he stepped into Raiders training camp, one thing no one has ever doubted was how great of an athlete he is. His biggest play as a pro was one in which he ran for a 93-yard touchdown. The question now is if he can catch the ball, being that he has never played wide receiver in his football life, going back to high school.

Plenty of former quarterbacks have made that transition, but they usually make that decision between college and the pros, not heading into what would be the fifth year of his NFL career.

The 25-year-old Pryor spent the first three years of his career in Oakland, starting nine games in 2013. After those nine games, the Raiders realized he wasn't going to become the quarterback they had hoped he would and they managed to trade him to the Seahawks for literally the last tradable pick in the draft.

He didn't make the Seahawks regular season roster and spent the 2014 season out of football.

Last January, the Chiefs signed him to a contract and released him before OTA's. In May he signed with the Bengals, spent OTA's and minicamp with the team, and was released earlier today. Now he is saying he is willing to switch to wide receiver to try and keep him NFL dream alive.

This position switch means he has essentially a month to make himself into a receiver in the hopes that a team will sign him for training camp. It's hard to say how realistic that is. No team will sign him to their practice squad as they would a rookie and stash him with the hope he can develop.

We know he has the athleticism and at 6-6, 240 pounds, he certainly has the size. But I'm sure any NFL receiver would tell you, it's not nearly that easy. Not by a long shot. Which is what Terrelle Pryor's chances are of becoming an NFL receiver at this point.