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Oakland celebrates Warriors then gets down to business of trying to keep Raiders

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Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Today is a day of celebration for Oakland. But after the pleasure comes business. At 10am, the Warriors parade through the streets of Oakland celebrating their NBA Championship. It's their first in 40 years. It's also the first championship of any kind to come to Oakland in 26 years.

The Raiders are a big part of the championship history of the city. But since the last time they won one in Oakland, they have left to Los Angeles and came back - a total of 35 years. Now we've come full circle with the Raiders threatening to move to LA again. So, it seems fitting that today is the day the details of the viability of a new stadium in Oakland are to be presented.

New City LLC, headed by Floyd Kephart have an exclusive negotiating agreement with the city of Oakland and Alameda County. The plan they will be presenting is for a proposed $900 million stadium.

Mark Davis had given Kephart the 21st as the deliverable date for such a proposal, so in the regard Kephart is a couple days ahead of schedule. Even though this is, as Davis said, nearly the 11th hour.

Though no specific details have been released, rumors of the plan Kephart will be presenting are that the parking situation will be an issue and the plans he will put forth will not provide enough overall specifics to satisfy the city, county, or the Raiders. Not offering specifics is pretty much where we've been all along, which has frustrated the NFL and Mark Davis.

Once Kephart lays out his plan, Oakland and Alameda County will have 15 business days to approve or reject it.