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Raiders LT Donald Penn: Derek Carr injury 'no concern at all... You don't win games right now'

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Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

There may be some who are a bit worried about the severity of Derek Carr's finger injury, but his left tackle is not one of them.

"I have no concern at all," Donald Penn said of Carr. "Derek knows this offense almost as good as the offensive coordinator. And I have no worries in Derek. Derek still gets here as the first person here in the morning. He's still out there calling out stuff in the back. He really has a really good grasp of this offense. I feel like he needs to do what he's doing, taking his time. You don't win games right now. He'll be ready when he's ready. I tell him that all the time. There's no rush. I know what he can do and I can't wait to see his growth and how much better he gets going into next year. I'm really excited."

Carr was limited in practice again Tuesday, taking just one short pass in organized drills before being once again relegated to handoffs. Jack Del Rio addressed his status with a similar lack of concern.

"We'll do what we can, when we can," said Del Rio. "He's doing well right now."

Last week when Carr began at least taking handoffs for the first time in OTA's, Del Rio said he was progressing.

The injury is to the ring finger on Carr's throwing hand. Exact details of the injury are not known. The Raiders have minicamp next week. After that, the team is off for a month and a half until returning for training camp.