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Report: Former Raiders QB Terrelle Pryor turned wide receiver claimed off waivers by Browns

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

If you have any bets on how many chances Terrelle Pryor is going to get in the NFL, the tally is now at five. This time he didn't even make it to free agency before getting scooped up by another team. This time it's the Browns according to sources close to Pro Football Talk.

The former Ohio State star quarterback was waived by the other Ohio NFL team and following his release from the Bengals his agent Drew Rosenhaus announced that Pryor would finally be giving up on his hopes of playing quarterback in the NFL and switch to wide receiver.

Pryor has never played wide receiver going as far back as high school, so if he is to develop into one, it could take a while and the Browns would have to be very patient. That is unless they actually intend on keeping him as a quarterback, in which case he's already had four teams in four years lose patience that could happen.

For what it's worth, John DeFillipo, who was Pryor's former QB coach with the Raiders, is the Browns offensive coordinator.

Signing Pryor now serves two potential functions: It gives him over a month to work on his new position before training camp (or a camp arm if they keep him at QB), and it will allow the Browns to benefit from the jersey sales they will get from his signing.

Much like the Eagles are reaping the jersey sales benefits of having Tim Tebow on the roster, there are a lot of Browns fans who are also Ohio State fans who would undoubtedly love to get that jersey even with the uncertainty Pryor could make the roster.