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Raiders rookie Jon Feliciano embracing life as Klay Thompson look-alike

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To begin the third day of the NFL draft last month, the Raiders made Miami guard Jon Feliciano their pick at the top of the fourth round. No sooner was the selection made, but one of the beat writers in the media room at Raiders headquarters noted that Feliciano bore a striking resemblance to Warriors shooting guard, Klay Thompson.

At the time, the Warriors were in the second round of the playoffs, but were a few weeks away from each player's face being plastered across the sports world as NBA champs. So, the instant recognition of the resemblance between Feliciano and Thompson was one that you could only expect from someone who covers Bay Area sports regularly.

It was mere moments after Feliciano's selection that San Jose Mercury News beat writer Jimmy Durkin would put photos of the two side by side (above) for all to note the resemblance for themselves.

That photo was passed around the media room and we were all pretty amazed at how similar they looked. Someone tagged Feliciano on Twitter and the new rookie responded saying "Everyone keeps saying it so it must be true.... At least we look good."

Now that the Warriors are internationally known after winning the NBA Championship, Feliciano has become perhaps more famous for looking like Klay Thompson than being recognized as himself. For proof, look no further than these two tweets from Feliciano who is at the Rookie Symposium in Aurora, Ohio (just outside of Cleveland) and participated in the NFL Play 60 event there.

Most kids in northern Ohio should be pretty familiar with Klay Thompson considering they just watched their Cavaliers lose the Finals to the Warriors in six games.

All this aside, there's little chance the two men would actually be mistaken for each other these days considering Feliciano at 6-4, 335 pounds is a full person bigger than the 6-7, 215-pound Thompson. But they're both guards, so there's that.