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NFL begins process of securing temporary Los Angeles stadiums

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Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

There are several teams with plans in place to potentially relocate to Los Angeles in 2016. With the Raiders, Rams, and Chargers all vying for a chair when the relocation music stops, the business now is about securing a temporary chair until their permanent one is constructed. They started that process this week, NFL vice president of corporate development, Chris Hardart, told the Los Angeles Times.

"It is part of the process and an effort to understand all of our options and have a well thought out plan if a team or teams were to be approved to relocate," Hardart said.

There are two obvious potential locations in Los Angeles - the Rose Bowl and the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. The next most viable potential location is Dodger Stadium which seats 56,000 -- about the same as Oakland Coliseum with the upper deck tarped over.

Other Los Angeles stadiums which could be in play include 45k seat Angels Stadium in Anaheim, and the home of the LA Galaxy soccer club, Stubhub Center, which is in Carson not far from where the Raiders and Chargers are planning their potential shared stadium. Though Stubhub Center seats just 27k people so it is far from ideal.

The LA Coliseum is where the Raiders in the 13 years they called LA home until 1994. Since then it has had the USC Trojans as its sole resident. After all, it's right off the USC campus just west of downtown.

The Rose Bowl is where the UCLA Bruins play. It's also home to the College Rose Bowl game each year. It is located in Pasadena, about ten miles northeast of downtown Los Angeles.

Per their contracts with the two LA stadiums, USC and UCLA have the right to deny any of the NFL teams permission to share their stadiums. Indications are that permission from either school may require some convincing from the league, especially with regard to the Raiders.

On August 11, there will be a special owners meeting to update the league on their options for temporary stadiums in LA. That information will be taken into account when considering relocation next year.