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NFL shoots down idea they could delay LA relocation another year

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Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

This past weekend, there was a report from the San Diego Union Tribune that there was "speculation" out there the NFL could push back their relocation plans until 2017. The thinking was that this would give the cities of Oakland, San Diego, and St Louis more time to try and work out a deal to keep their teams.

We picked up the story with the understanding that it was merely speculation and a possibility to consider among the many possible fates of the Raiders, Rams, and Chargers in the near future. As of today, the NFL has said that a delay is not part of the discussion.

Adam Kaplan of Sports Business Journal came out this morning citing a source that said the NFL is "not considering" delaying relocation.

Shortly thereafter, Vincent Bonsignore of the Los Angeles Daily News put a name on his source -- NFL Vice President Eric Grubman -- who says the reports the league is considering delaying relocation are "not accurate".

Granted, "not accurate" is not the same as saying the reports are false. It leaves the door open that there are some considerations being made with regard to the time frame for relocation, just not a sweeping plan to delay it another year across the board.

The league will be meeting on August 11 to discuss, among other relocation subjects, whether they can secure temporary stadiums for the team or teams should they make the leap to Los Angeles in 2016. Whether those colleges or pro teams which control the venues give their approval to allow the NFL to share their stadium will play a factor in the discussion as well.