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Two Raiders in top 25 NFL jerseys sold in May... and Tim Tebow

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The NFL today released their top 25 jerseys sold in the month of May. Among those top selling jerseys: AC/DC. As in Amari Cooper (24th) and Derek Carr (17th). Here is the graphic of the entire top 25 jerseys sold.

NFL jersey sales May

As you can see, Amari Cooper just slipped into the top 25 making all three offensive skill position players taken in the top five among the top jerseys sold, with Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston taking the top two spots. There were a total of four rookies to make the list, with Chargers' Melvin Gordon being the other. He came in just ahead of Cooper at 24th.

The most ridiculous of these is Tim Tebow, who landed at 15th despite being out of football last season and third on the Eagles' depth chart. The Eagles are already getting their money's worth out of him and there isn't even a guarantee he will make the roster. At this rate, it's just smart business for every team in the NFL to consider giving him an offseason roster spot.

Speaking of jerseys of someone who didn't set foot on an NFL field last year (or ever in this case), there's the 12th man, which isn't even a player, but the Seahawks celebrating their fans, or more accurately the stadium design which makes for a very noisy playing environment for visiting teams.