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Raiders Countdown to Kickoff: 98: Who wore it best, who's wearing it now

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Continuing our countdown, we are now at 98 days until the Raiders kick off the 2015 season. So, we take a look at the top performer who donned that number as well as the player who is currently trying to make a name for himself with that jersey.

Who wore it best: DE  Bobby Hamilton

The journeyman defensive end had already played 9 seasons in the NFL before he stopped over in Oakland for two seasons in 2004-05. During that time he played some decent defensive end, starting nearly every game. In 2004 he led all Raiders defensive linemen with 57 tackles (34 solo) and had 56 tackles the following season. He had just 3.0 sacks in those two seasons, but he was not their speed rushing end, he was a proficient run stopper.

Who's wearing it now: DE  C.J. Wilson

He came to the Raiders last offseason as an afterthought and proved he was actually one of the better pickups the team had in an otherwise pretty pathetic free agent haul. What he was known for was as a run stopping rotational player. Due to injury, he was forced into starting duties. Once there, he showed he had a decent bit of pass rush abilities as well. He started 7 games for the Raiders and collected 2.0 sacks with 23 tackles (16 solo). Now he's back with the team and will compete for playing time at both defensive end and defensive tackle.