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NBA Finals Game 2 Warriors vs Cavaliers

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Pool Photo-USA TODAY Sports

The Warriors take on the Cavaliers at Oracle Arena tonight at 5pm Pacific Time in game 2 of the NBA Finals. Game one lived up to all the hype with an exciting overtime win by the Warriors.

That game featured a 44-point performance by Lebron James but it was Kyrie Irving who sent the game to overtime when he blocked a Stephen Curry layup in the final seconds.

Once overtime started, everything came crashing down on the Cavaliers. Kyrie Irving went down in a heap and left the game and the Cavs were outscored 10-0 by the Warriors until the final seconds when Lebron was given a free pass for a meaningless layup to close out the game with a 108-100 Warriors victory.

It was discovered later that Irving has a broken kneecap and will miss the rest of the Finals. He had given the Cavs a spark in game one and the Warriors have a decided advantage over the Cavs without him on the floor.