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Derek Carr cleared for increased participation in Raiders minicamp

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Raiders three-day minicamp will be held this week. And they will have Derek Carr available to throw more than he had since voluntary minicamp back in April. He has been out with a finger injury and as of two weeks ago have been mostly relegated to handoffs in practice. As of this week, however, he has been cleared to throw as first reported by's Ian Rapoport.

The injury is to the ring finger on Carr's throwing hand (right). When he was first not practicing, the nature and severity of the injury was unknown with reports ranging from very minor to looking at surgery. His agent has maintained it was nothing to worry about and his teammates and coaches have held that belief as well.

This offseason he has been brought along slowly. He was a bystander for the first OTA, executed only handoffs for the second OTA, and tossed the ball a bit on the side, with one short pass in drills -- that pass proving he was not ready to throw yet so they shut it down.

Carr is not going to throw at 100% this week but is expected to be back to a full participant by training camp in late July.