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What condition the Raiders position is in: Tight end

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The Raiders put some emphasis on the tight end position this offseason. We check in on it to see whether the condition is Strong, Stable, Touch and go, Serious, or Critical.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Starters: Clive Walford, Lee Smith
Depth: Mychal Rivera, Brian Leonhardt, Gabe Holmes

Much like the wide receiver position, the tight end position for the Raiders has been pretty pathetic for a while now. Zach Miller left after the 2010 season and has never been replaced. Also like the wide receiver position, they set forth to remedy that in the draft by taking Clive Walford in the third round. They also added Lee Smith in free agency while two-year starter, Mychal Rivera returns.

Condition: Stable

Walford appears to have the top tight end job on lock. It's possible this group could be very good this season with Walford, Smith, and Rivera as the trio. Though I'm not ready to say it is "Strong" because whenever a team is counting on a rookie, there are no guarantees he is going to live up to his potential right away.

Behind those three, returning blocking tight end Brian Leonhardt will battle with undrafted former basketball player Gabe Holmes to stick around, which would likely be on the practice squad as I don't expect the team to keep more than three tight ends.