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Raiders attend pro day for supplemental draft prospects

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The supplemental draft is coming up in a week on July 9. In total there are seven players eligible for that draft. Two of those players were on display Thursday at the West Georgia Pro Day and the Raiders were one of the teams with representatives in attendance to see it.

Those players are defensive tackle Dalvon Stuckey and defensive end Darrius Caldwell.

Stuckey was a Junior college transfer to West Georgia in 2014. The 6-4, 300-pounder had 40 tackles, 9.5 tackles for loss, and 4.0 sacks last season.

Caldwell dominated the Gulf South Conference last season with 18.5 tackles for loss and 12.0 sacks. He began his college career at Illinois as a four star recruit. He lost his scholarship due to Academic issues and Caldwell landed at Pearl City Community College, the same place Stuckey attended junior college, before transferring to West Georgia.

Other teams in attendance at the West Georgia pro day included the Dolphins, Washington, Lions, Seahawks, Chargers, Browns, Falcons, Buccaneers, Cardinals, 49ers, Packers, Rams, Titans, and Jets.

The top prospect in the supplemental draft is Clemson offensive tackle Isaiah Battle. His pro day will occur on July 7.

The other eligible supplemental draft prospects are Houston defensive end Eric Eiland, UConn tight end Sean McQuillan, Kansas defensive back Kevin Short, and North Carolina Central wide receiver Adrian Wilkins.