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Ranking the AFC West by quarterback

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Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Any team's chances of success will first and foremost be weighed against the teams in their division. Most importantly, though not limited to, the quarterback position. With that in mind, we rank the four AFC West teams by who they have at quarterback.

1. Broncos - Peyton Manning

Even at 39 years old, he's still Peyton Manning. He's still the guy who has just once thrown for less that 4000 yards and who two seasons ago threw for a career high 5477 yards and 55 TD's. The guy who was supposed to be done after neck surgery and yet has not missed a start since then. Until further notice he'll continue to be the best quarterback in this division until he is no longer slinging it.

2. Chargers - Philip Rivers

He may not have won any big games in the playoffs but the 5-time Pro Bowler has had a losing season just once in his nine seasons as a starter (2012). That was also the only season he threw for less than 4000 yards in the past seven years. Also he has never missed a game. Just like Peyton, it's an ‘until further notice...' situation.

3. Chiefs - Alex Smith

Even without throwing a single touchdown pass to a wide receiver last season, he still threw for 3265 yards and 18 TD's to just 6 interceptions. He also completed over 65% of his passes.

4. Raiders - Derek Carr

He will have his opportunities to move up this list in the future with Smith's mediocre stats and Rivers and Manning getting up there in age. But he must prove it first. While his 3270 yards and 21 touchdowns to 12 interceptions looks decent, his 58% completions, and 5.5 yards per attempt must improve. For now the Raiders are firmly behind the rest of the division at the quarterback position.