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Raiders rookies, quarterbacks, select players report to camp today

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The first wave of Raiders players will report to training camp in Napa for training camp today. Those set to arrive are the rookies, quarterbacks, first year players, and some select players including those who were injured last season.

The rest of the veteran players will arrive this Thursday, July 30. In the meantime, the rookies, quarterbacks, and select player or the players who are here. They will have check-in, weigh-in, meetings and walk-thrus in advance of the rest of their teammates arrival.

For the rookies and first year players, it helps them be up to speed with the veterans who have been through this before. The time spent familiarizing them with everything is time that can be better spent on other things upon the arrival of the veterans. In previous seasons, the day after reporting would be spent in those meetings. This year, the day after reporting  to camp, they will begin on-field practices.

For the full list of players in attendance for practice today, click here.

The players will spend the next month in Napa at training camp before breaking camp on August 25.