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Raiders 2015 training camp, preseason schedule, key dates

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Raiders are set to begin their 2015  training camp in Napa. Here is the detailed training camp schedule along with preseason games and other key dates (All times are Pacific):

26-Jul    Rookies, QB's report
30-Jul    Veterans report
31-Jul    Practice 10:20am - 1pm
1-Aug    Practice 10:20am - 1pm
2-Aug    Practice 4:25pm - 6:40pm
3-Aug    Practice 10:20am - 1pm
4-Aug    No practice

5-Aug    Practice 4:25pm - 6:40pm
6-Aug    Practice 10:20am - 1pm
7-Aug    Practice 10:20am - 1pm
8-Aug    Practice 4:25pm - 6:40pm
9-Aug    Practice 10:20am - 1pm
10-Aug  No Practice
11-Aug  Practice 4:25pm - 6:40pm
12-Aug  Practice 10:20am - 1pm
13-Aug  No practice
14-Aug  Preseason wk 1 vs STL     7:00pm
15-Aug  No practice
16-Aug  Practice 10:20am - 1pm
17-Aug  No practice
18-Aug  Practice 4:25pm - 6:40pm
19-Aug  Practice 10:20am - 1pm
20-Aug  Practice 10:20am - 1pm
21-Aug  No practice
22-Aug  Preseason wk 2 at MIN   5:00pm
23-Aug  No practice
24-Aug  No practice
25-Aug  Practice TBA - Break camp
30-Aug  Preseason wk 3 vs ARI
1-Sep     Roster cutdown to 75
3-Sep     Preseason wk 4 at SEA
5-Sep     Roster cutdown to 53
13-Sep  Season opener vs CIN 1:25pm

Players report to the Napa Valley Marriott for training camp with practices take place on the at Redwood Middle School adjacent the hotel.

The Raiders don't have an open training camp policy for fans. However, season ticket holders choose specific days they would like to attend so most of camp will have a large fan presence.

I will be on hand in Napa to cover each day of training camp. To follow along live on Twitter, click the button below.