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What condition the Raiders position is in: Offensive tackle

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We check on the current condition of the Raiders offensive tackle position. Judging them as either Strong, Stable, Touch and go, Serious, or Critical.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports
Starters: LT Donald Penn, RT Menelik Watson/Austin Howard
Depth: Khalif Barnes, Matt McCants, Anthony Morris, Dan Kistler

The left side of the Raiders line is home to Donald Penn, who defied expectations last season as a late free agent addition. There is a battle at right tackle between former second round pick Menelik Watson and former tackle turned guard turned tackle Austin Howard.

Condition: Touch and go

While the team is quite secure at left tackle with Penn, there is a lot of uncertainty at right tackle. Not just because we don't yet know who will be the starter, but because we don't even know if either of them is going to play well there.

Last season Austin Howard did a faceplant in the former right tackle's transition to guard. The new coaching staff is moving the $6 million man back to right tackle in the hopes he can have more success there. But there's a reason he was moved to guard in the first place - because he struggles as a pass protector.

Watson has yet to develop into the right tackle the Raiders had hoped they drafted in the second round in 2013. He was injured much of his rookie season and was in and out of the lineup last season for good reason. The team is hoping one steps up as opposed to picking the lesser of the evils.

One potential bright spot is the insurance policy that is Khalif Barnes. He has been working primarily at left tackle this offseason behind Penn, but he was at one time the fulltime starter at right tackle. He had a fairly decent season as the everyday starter there back in 2011, but he will tend to struggle without enough practice reps at the position ahead of time. All too often he is just thrown into a spot due to an injury and that's difficult for anyone on a moment's notice.

The rest of the guys will only see the field if there is an injury to someone ahead of them. Of those players, only McCants has any NFL experience, having been an injury fill in for 3 games in 2013.