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It's Raiders training camp report day!

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Levi Damien

The day has finally arrived. The Raiders veterans report to training camp today. As is usually the case, they will trickle in to check in at the Napa Valley Marriott starting around 10am.

The only players who will not be checking in today are the rookies, quarterbacks and a few select players who reported to camp last Sunday. In total that was 36 players which has the other 54 players on the roster arriving today with the entire 90-man roster expected to report. The coaches have also already arrived in Napa.

There won't be a great deal of time for them to settle in because as of tomorrow morning they will hit the practice field for the first official full team practice of training camp. They will also be in pads on day one as opposed to the previous rules which had all players waiting until the third day of camp before pads could go on.

This is where these players will call home for the next 27 days when they break camp on August 25.