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US Women's National team look to "Just Win Baby" in World Cup Final: TV Schedule

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Just as it should be, the day after we celebrate our nation's independence, the US looks to lift another international trophy. And in a sport the US isn't typically the best -- futbol aka soccer.

Tonight at 4pm Pacific (7pm Eastern) the US Women's National Team takes on the Japan in the FIFA World Cup Finals from Vancouver Canada, which is also on Pacific time.

TV: Fox

There is also a 2-hour pregame show on starting at 2pm Pacific (5pm Eastern).

In honor of the World Cup team, the Raiders took out a full two-page ad in the Vancouver Sun telling them to "Just Win Baby". Here is the photo of that ad, courtesy of the Oakland Raiders:

US Women's team ad

The Raiders did the same with an ad in the San Francisco Chronicle for the Warriors when they were in the NBA Finals. And that worked out pretty well with the Warriors bringing Oakland its first championship in 26 years.