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What condition the Raiders position is in: Defensive tackle

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We take a look at the current state of the defensive tackle position for the Raiders, grading it Strong, Stable, Touch and go, Serious, or Critical.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Starters: Dan Williams, Justin Ellis
Depth: Ricky Lumpkin, Stacy McGee, Leon Orr

One of the bigger (so to speak) free agent additions for the Raiders this offseason was that of Dan Williams, who replaces Antonio Smith at defensive tackle The 6-2, 330-pound Williams comes over from Arizona to anchor the defensive line for the Raiders. He joins Justin Ellis who was the team's fourth round draft choice last year.

Condition: Stable

While Williams and Ellis are the starters, there will be a good amount of shuffling that will happen both in rotation and depending on the defensive set. In particular C.J. Wilson, Mario Edwards, and Dan Williams are scheme versatile. Wilson will play both DE and DT along with Edwards. Williams can line up at 3-tech DT in a 4-3 or nose tackle in either a 3-4 or a 4-3.

This is an upgrade for the Raiders with regard to stopping the run. Antonio Smith was a very good pass rushing DT, but was sorely lacking against the run. And when the Raiders want to get more speed from the DT spot, they can shift one of the aforementioned defensive ends inside.

Ricky Lumpkin has been serviceable in limited reps while Stacy McGee has yet to live up to the early hopes the team had in his abilities. Leon Orr is an undrafted rookie out of Florida with all the physical prowess (6-5, 323) to be a contributor if he can get his head on straight.