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Report: Raiders legendary QB Kenny "The Snake" Stabler has passed away at the age of 69

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RIP Kenny Stabler
RIP Kenny Stabler
Christian Petersen/Getty Images

In very sad news today we learned that the legendary, Super Bowl winning QB Ken Stabler has passed away at the age of 69, the news was reported first by The Tuscaloosa News though they have stated it was mistakenly published early and has not been confirmed. Our deepest condolences go out to the Stabler family, his friends and all the people in the world who loved Mr. Stabler if this sad news is confirmed as true.

Stabler spent 10 years in the Silver and Black and is widely considered the best quarterback the Raiders have ever drafted. He led the team to the 1976 Super Bowl and was a 4 time Pro Bowl player, along with being the QB for many historic moments for the Raiders including "The Immaculate Reception" (Deception) and the "Ghost to the Post."

Kenny "The Snake" Stabler wasn't just any old Raider player, he is one of the greatest that have ever worn the jersey. He was known for his rocket arm and amazing deep ball almost as much as his partying ways off the field. He was a one of a kind sports hero to many and a man who will be deeply missed.

One of the truly sad parts of this loss is that Kenny Stabler has yet to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame despite being one of the most legendary players of his time. He will not have the chance to step onto that stage and accept his gold jacket, one that hopefully will be given to him posthumously but still is not guaranteed despite it being earned.

The Alabama native will always be remembered for his enigmatic, boisterous personality. He is the epitome of what it was to be a Raider in the 70's and his name will live on in the history of this organization forever. Rest in Peace to the great Kenny "The Snake" Stabler.

If this news is true then Kenny "The Snake" Stabler surely is up there with Al Davis talking about the old days and looking forward to the future of the team that they made great.

Update issued from Tuscaloosa News:

"Preparing to report on an unconfirmed but wide and persistent rumor that former Alabama football player Kenny Stabler had died, inadvertently and briefly published an incomplete story that we were preparing in the event that the story was confirmed. At this time, it is not confirmed. Unfortunately, other news outlets used social media to share the report. We regret the error and any emotional distress caused to Stabler’s family, friends and fans"

We will continue to update as we gather more information.

Update from Levi Damien: Raiders official says team is "Still working on confirmation either way" on this report.

Update from Levi Damien: Raiders have confirmed the passing of Ken Stabler.