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Confirmed: Raiders legend Ken Stabler has passed at age 69

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Michael Cohen/Getty Images

There was about an hour long whirlwind that happened today. First the Tuscaloosa Times reported that former Alabama and Raiders legendary quarterback Ken Stabler had passed away at the age of 69. This set off a firestorm of NFL folks memorializing the former Super Bowl winning quarterback and ten year Raiders great. Then suddenly the mourning came to a hault.

That's when Tuscaloosa Times retracted their report, saying it was not confirmed. Raiders officials also said they could not confirm the death of Stabler and were working hard to either confirm or deny the report.

In the meantime, Bay Area TV station KTVU said the Raiders confirmed Stabler was alive, when they had not.

And a TV station in Mobile Alabama cited the head of Ken Stabler's foundation as well as his ex-wife confirmed Ken's death of prostate cancer.

Another confirmation came in from Fox Sports Tuscaloosa who cites Alabama AD confirming Stabler's death.

His family also has issued a statement on his passing. You can see that here. So, once and for all, it's true.

While the circus seems quite ridiculous, hopefully not lost in all of this is the outpouring of respect and love for a true NFL legend. And it gave everyone hope for a short time that the reports were not true and that perhaps Stabler could live to see all the kind words from around the NFL community.

It only seems fitting, the master of the comeback, should have the entire NFL world wondering for a few hours if he may just still be alive.