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NFL Network to air Ken Stabler Raiders greatest games Friday

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In honor of the late great Raiders quarterback Ken Stabler who passed away Thursday at the age of 69, the NFL Network will air two of the NFL's Greatest games which he orchestrated with the Raiders.

5:00pm Pacific Time (8pm ET)- Sea of Hands, 1974 AFC Divisional round game versus the Dolphins

Under head coach Don Shula, the Miami Dolphins had been to the last three Super Bowls - an NFL record at that time. They had won the last two Super Bowls. In 1974 the Dolphins had won the AFC East title with an 11-3 record. The Raiders captured the AFC West crown with a league-best 12-2 record. In the eight games played against the Miami team since the series began in 1966, the Raiders were presently 6-1-1. John Madden was 1-1 as head coach for the Raiders in league and postseason games against the Miami Dolphins under Don Shula.

6:30pm Pacific Time (9:30pm ET) - Ghost to the Post, 1977 AFC Divisional round game vs the Colts

The Oakland Raiders and the then-Baltimore Colts collided in what would go down in history as one of the most exciting and memorable games in professional football. In an AFC Divisional Playoff game at Memorial Stadium in Baltimore, the Raiders and the Colts slugged it out for nearly four hours. The contest would be decided in double-overtime, and would be forever remembered for one critical play - "The Ghost to the Post."

In addition to these two games shown in prime time, NFL Network will be showing Ken Stabler related programming throughout the day on Friday.

Tune in to relive two of the greatest games among many over "The Snake's" ten years in Oakland.